Trillium Creek Provides Exceptional Out-of-Office Patient Care with Ving

It’s a typical scenario in so many physician practices: the doctor prescribes a medication, the patient leaves the office, and somewhere along the way the prescription never gets filled. Maybe when they present the rebate card for the prescription at the pharmacy, they are told that it is not valid. Perhaps the pharmacist recommends a generic replacement for the prescribed medication. It could be that the patient is really just confused about what medication they need to take and why. There are so many reasons that prescriptions are not filled, which can result in less than optimal treatment.

Ensure your patients understand their condition, treatment, and prescribed medication.

Trillium Creek uses Ving to educate their patients on a number of levels, both before and after their visit to the office. Every patient scheduled to come to the office for treatment of a condition, such as Acne or Psoriasis, receives a Ving message from Trillium Creek before their visit. This Ving is packed full of information, including:

  • paperwork that patients will need to fill out and bring with them,
  • an overview of what to expect at their visit,
  • general information about their condition or disease state,
  • and further information about the medications that they may be prescribed.

These messages even include patient instructions on how to apply the medication and the appropriate dosage. The information in the Ving is a combination of:

  • documents that the patient can print out,
  • videos that the patients can watch whenever and wherever they want,
  • and a questionnaire section where the patients can ask questions of their own.

The goal of these patient-education Vings is to help prepare patients for their appointments and save time by having them fill out paperwork and learn about their condition before their discussion with the doctor. After their appointment, the Ving continues to provide that education and reinforcement so the patient is self-directed in treating their condition.

Jessica Baker, Administrative Assistant at Trillium Creek says, “Ving has been a great asset when it comes to educating patients and employees. Before Ving, we communicated with patients via phone or at their visit. Now we send every patient a Ving which includes paperwork that can be filled out prior to their appointment and information on their diagnosis. This has cut down the wait time for Homeopathic patients who have to fill out an extensive questionnaire prior to being seen. If patients forget what to do for post- care instructions, they can just read their Ving.”

Time with patients is limited. Supplement that in-person discussion with Dynamic, Multimedia Communications.

While doctors would prefer to have more time to spend with their patients, it is not always possible. And, in all reality, patients often don’t remember everything they were told about their condition or what to do once they leave the doctor’s office.

At Trillium Creek, Vings put doctors right in front of their patients in a format that can be replayed, reread, and repeated as many times as needed. Patients feel confident in their understanding, and doctors are assured that their patients are getting consistent messages across the board.

Trillium knows that patients received, read, and understood the information.

There are any number of brochures, fliers, and handouts that doctors give their patients.  But do they know if patients even look at them once they leave their office? While Ving provides the opportunity to include video, documents, and surveys in one engaging multimedia package for the patient, it also provides doctors’ feedback and verifies that the information was viewed and understood by the patient. Patient attention and understanding are automatically measured. When patients open a document or watch a video, the interaction is time-stamped, which automatically records their interaction.

Reduce follow-up phone calls.

One major benefit of using Vings is the reduction in the number of calls and questions the office gets from patients after their appointments.  Things like “how do I apply this?” or “how often am I supposed to take this?” are all addressed in Ving.

Additionally, Vings reduce the number of calls the office gets from the pharmacy. Patient education paves the way for a smoother experience at the pharmacy and makes the probability higher that the script is filled with the recommended drug.

All in all, Vings create opportunities for well-informed patients, more efficient visits, and fewer follow-up phone calls from patients and pharmacies.

Ving is a great asset for external and internal communication.

Vings also ensure that internal communications within the doctor’s office are consistent and accessible. Jessica Baker states, “Within the practice, before Ving, we relied on word of mouth and email to communicate. We now use Ving to educate all employees of new protocols, new hires, meetings, events, and any other pertinent information. Employees can refer to the Ving anytime they want if they have questions, weren’t able to be at the meeting, or can’t remember what was said. This has cut down on miscommunication and ensures that everyone is up to date.”

“The Ving team has been a pleasure to work with! They possess great customer service. Cheri is always there to answer my questions and help me utilize Ving to the fullest.”

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